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    Softwarehelden - a new strategic partner for SII Technologies

    SII Technologies, the Bavarian technology services provider for development, system solutions, production and Human Resources and Softwarehelden, a Stuttgart-based company will be collaborating in a strategic partnership going forward. The collaboration will focus on digitalisation, especially in relation to agile and app-oriented application development.

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  • Digital Services

    We make easy for you

    We’ll support you on the path to digitalisation, whereby we know exactly what's important in the IT context: security and efficiency! We specialise in client-specific IT solutions, optimised to meet your specific technical and commercial requirements.

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  • Engineering

    We bring ideas to life. The joy of technology.

    Founded as a classic engineering office, SII Technologies has since continuously expanded its range of services. We can now offer our clients everything from a single source – but development services remain at the heart of our organization. Our passion is development, and service is our conviction.

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  • Systems

    Analyse problems. Deliver solutions.

    Our clients come from a wide variety of areas and have complex requirements for their technical systems, modules, and plants. SII Systems is your competent partner, reliably managing projects from development to implementation. We are a system partner – from beginning to end.

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  • Precision Parts

    Tailored manufacturing. When a hundreth of a millimetre is decisive.

    In the CNC machining of individual and serial parts in large quantities or assembly of complex assemblies, SII Precision Parts offers the highest level of precision. Experienced staff and constant investment in modern production machinery and tools underline our claim to provide customized manufacturing.

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  • HR-Services

    The right attitude for success.

    The HR Team of SII Technologies works closely with the technical departments. This mix of technical knowledge, our feel for people, and our experience in personnel services make us the ideal partner when you need to fill a position. We know the individual markets and service elements and use this background to make the right hire – for success.

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