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TECHNOLOGY is multifarious – just as we are.

As a development partner and systems supplier, the SII Technologies advances the interests of its customers with innovative know-how. From idea to production, we are responsible for projects in the areas of automotive, energy and environmental technologies, industrial automation, aerospace & defence, mechanical engineering, and medical technology. We offer you multifarious development opportunities in the international setting of a modern mid-sized company. Use this site to find out about SII Technologies and lay the best foundation for a successful career by joining us.

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Job postings with SII Technologies

6th February 2018

Field of activity: Project and quality management
Country: P.R. China
Location: Changsha
Employment: Full time

Do you have a new professional goal? SII Technologies accompanies you on your way! Start with our customer in the field of Aviation at the location Changsha, P.R. China.


■ Responsible realization of the surveillance in accordance with the surveillance sheet for elementary parts and assembly with special processes, machining, inspection for the H175 Gearboxes product (spot audit and surveillance plan)
■ Perform the monitoring of the customers surveillance (cross check surveillance)
■ Train, support and assess the customers surveillance and transfer the surveillance
■ Ensure that the supplier follows the rules regarding the documentation
■ Reporting on weekly basis to the quality manager regarding suppliers quality and KPI update
■ Implementing of improvement in order to transfer the surveillance and to ensure the FAI
■ Troubleshooting and intervention in case of deviation occurs and also reporting and updating the KPIs
■ Tracking the production and measure the delivery rate


■ University degree in quality management, mechanical engineering, aviation or comparable
■ Long-standing experience in quality/engineering/production for gearbox products
■ Good communication skills, partner approach
■ Experience in managing meetings
■ Experience in measuring and improving of quality performance
■ High sense of autonomy, initiative and team spirit
■ Fluent in English and Chinese Language


Mrs. Stephanie Teng
+49 821 29990-402

Mrs. Judith Mayr
+49 821 29990 391

Please send your application to: stephanie.teng@cn.sii.groupp

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We have the right position – tailor-made and forward-looking.
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New graduates
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Career > Starting at SII Technologies > Training

Your professional education provides the foundation for your future career. You should therefore give its selection careful thought. SII Technologies offers you familiarization internships in various recognized trades, allowing you to get a feel for the workaday world in your dream profession while you are still at school. Interested? Then send us your application. A training company, SII Technologies also provides students and teachers tours of our manufacturing and design offices.

We also visit schools to allow direct interviews with our trainees. SII Technologies also opens its doors to girls and young women on the federal Girls’ Day to allow them insight into technical professions. Our female specialists and managers are available to talk to our visitors on that day.

We offer recognized commercial and technical professions

Office management assistants aOffice management assistants are responsible for a wide variety of office functions. They organize all of the office’s daily business, carry out correspondence, compose and send business letters, plan and schedule appointments, process incoming mail, write invoices, organize business travel, receive visitors and customers, and assist during meetings – meaning that office management assistants are true all-rounder professionals. They keep their heads even when activity is at its most hectic. They know that organization is everything!

Anyone who wishes to train to become an office management assistant should

_ be proficient in writing German
_ have an interest in commercial relationships
_ work carefully and precisely
_ enjoy working in a team and have a feel for people
_ be able to organize well

Training for this profession at SII Technologies requires at least an O-level.


After seeing a job posting from SII Technologies, I applied for the trainee position as an office management assistant right away. Shortly thereafter, I was invited to an interview, after which I spent two trial days at SII Technologies I was able to get a first impression of the Recruiting and Personnel Management Department. When the two days were over, I signed a trainee contract for an office management assistant position.

Training at SII Technologies is really a lot of fun. Trainee projects and excursions make the contact to our colleagues easier and strengthen our team unity.

The trainer and other colleagues always support us if we have questions, concerns, or other wishes. I am happy that I was able to start my training at SII Technologies.

Industrial management assistants are Industrial management assistants are responsible for a wide variety of office functions. They organize all of the office’s daily business, carry out correspondence, compose and send business letters, plan and schedule appointments, process incoming mail, write invoices, organize business travel, receive visitors and customers, and assist during meetings – meaning that industrial management assistants are true all-round professionals. They keep their heads even when activity is at its most hectic. They know that organization is everything!

Anyone who wishes to train to become an industrial management assistant should

_ be proficient in writing German
_ have an interest in commercial relationships
_ work carefully and precisely
_ enjoy working in a team and have a feel for people
_ be able to organize well

Training for this profession at SII Technologies requires at least an O-level.

If a vehicle or a maIf a vehicle or a manufacturing plant is to be constructed, technical product designers support engineers in the conception and design of the individual parts or assemblies using 3D CAD systems. There is a great deal to do before a prototype can be made. Sketches, preliminary designs, and design files must all be generated on the monitor. In addition, all the technical data for the planned workpiece, from mass and volume to centre of gravity, torque, and friction, must be calculated and represented in three-dimensional drawings. But after design on the computer, the work still isn’t finished. Technical product designers monitor the entire product development process including trials, supervise both prototypes and series, and manage entire projects.

Anyone who wishes to train to become a technical product designer should

_ be skilled at drawing and able to visualize spatial relationships
_ be proficient in working with a PC
_ have good marks in maths, physics, and chemistry
_ enjoy working in a team

Training for this profession at SII Technologies requires at least an O-level


At a career day at my old school, someone from SII Technologies made the technical product designer profession very interesting. That is how I found out about the training opportunity and SII Technologies. After a week-long internship, I knew that I wanted to work here. My training is a lot of fun. One reason is my friendly and helpful colleagues whom I can always go to when I have questions. Another advantage is the pleasant work environment.

IT specialists for system integration implement customer-specific information and communication solutions by networking harIT specialists for system integration implement customer-specific information and communication solutions by networking hardware and software components into complex systems. Working as service providers, they install these systems according to customer requirements and operate and manage them. This involves, among other things, the systematic limiting and correction of disruptions and errors with the help of deployment and diagnostic systems. They provide consultation to internal and external users for the selection and use of devices and solve application and system problems. They also prepare system documentation and conduct training measures for users.

Anyone who wishes to train to become an IT specialist for system integration should

_ be interested in computer systems
_ be able to get excited about figures and maths
_ have a gift for technology
_ work carefully and precisely

Training for this profession at SII Technologies requires at least an O-level.


The transition from my 12 years of school to the workaday world was made easy by my friendly, considerate colleagues at SII Technologies. From the very beginning, I was completely integrated into the team, and I never feel left out in any way whatsoever.

The tasks that I am assigned to do as an IT specialist for system integration trainee are always interesting and varied. I am constantly learning something new and receiving many insights into the duties of an IT department. I also became aware very quickly of how important careful work and conscientiousness are. I am very happy that I have been able to do my training at SII Technologies and am looking forward to the coming years.

Cutting machine operators manufactureCutting machine operators manufacture precision parts for machines and devices that are used in the automotive, aerospace, medical technology, and electrical technology industries. These metal parts are manufactured using cutting processes such as turning, milling, drilling, and grinding. With great care and attention, cutting machine operators monitor the manufacturing process, take measurements from the workpiece, and comply fastidiously with quality requirements. In this way, they work towards constant improvement of processes and manufacturing quality.

Anyone who wishes to train to become a cutting machine operator should

_ display ingenuity in his work
_ have an understanding of technical and mechanical work
_ work carefully and precisely
_ be able to visualize spatial relationships

Training for this profession at SII Percision Parts requires at least a qualifying secondary school-leaving certificate.


I got the idea of becoming a cutting machine operator at SII Precision Parts from a job description on the company home page. At the beginning of the training, I had to get used to standing for a long time, but that is part of the job, and after a while it didn’t bother me any more.

The training is quite varied. During the first year of the training, I will manufacture small workpieces such as a cube, a television tower, or even small assemblies such as a vice, which is a lot of fun. After that, I will start to be introduced to manufacturing, where I can use what I learned at trade school on the big machines.

There is a great work environment here at SII Precision Parts. I would certainly choose SII Precision Parts for my training again.

Career > Starting at SII Technologies > Internships and theses
Internships and theses




What good does theoretical knowledge do if you can’t apply it? At SII Technologies, you can apply your theoretical experience practically while you are still studying. We allow you to grow into the exciting practical operations of a dynamic engineering company. Take new experiences and insights with you as you continue to study. Prove to us that you can actively apply your talent and skill to the completion of daily tasks and solutions to problems and take advantage of the opportunity to receive a working student position or an internship. This allows you to make the initial contacts that will be important to you in your future career. We are also happy to accept unsolicited applications sent to or through our on-line portal .





Are you about to complete your studies, looking for an interesting topic for your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis? We offer interesting tasks, great support, and cooperative environment for final theses in the following areas of study: Manufacturing, Energy and Environmental Technology, Aerospace and Defence, Medical Technology, Sales, Controlling and Human Resources.
Send an unsolicited application for a final thesis to or through our on-line portal and, together with us, prepare a topic that is of interest both to you and to us.



Profiting from a company’s knowhow “I got started at SII Technologies through my final thesis for my Technical Business Management studies. In retrospect, I can see that I was extremely fortunate: SII Technologies offered me a permanent position directly. From the very beginning, I had the opportunity to participate in interesting and innovative projects. SII Technologies also offers devoted staff outstanding opportunities for advancement. I also greatly appreciate the good work environment at SII Technologies – you are still respected here as a staff member.”


Career > Starting at SII Technologies > New graduates
New graduates


You have completed your studies and are now looking for an exciting company in which you can demonstrate your excellent technical knowledge? SII Technologies offers graduates the opportunity of directly entering our multifaceted project range. We offer various paths that can accommodate a range of university majors and help new staff achieve their goals for the future. Let’s advance your career together! Find out about your opportunities at SII Technologies on our job board.



“Right after my studies I managed to join SII Technologies as a design engineer. The opportunity to participate in interesting and innovative projects was given to me from the very beginning. This way the own creativity is claimed daily and ensures much joy at work. You will be supported from your colleagues any time and also benefit from their experiences. The confidential atmosphere at SII Technologies always gives me the necessary thrust for challenging projects and let me go to work with pleasure every day.”


Career > Starting at SII Technologies > Professionals


You have already established your professional experience, know what you are capable of, and are looking for new professional challenges? From development to project management, we offer exciting and challenging tasks at all career levels. At the same time, you can continue to enjoy optimum professional development, since we place great value on the support and development of our technical and management staff. This means that we can offer you the best circumstances under which to achieve your personal goals in cooperation with us. We would be happy to have you bring your know-how, ideas, and motivation to our company. Take a look at our job board and find the SII Technologies entry point that best suits you. We are also happy to accept unsolicited applications sent to or through our on-line portal .



I have been at SII Technologies Mannheim branch since 2011 and am responsible for customer retention and personnel support. Despite the distance from company headquarters in Augsburg, I felt well integrated into the collegial circle from the very beginning. The company offers a whole lot of opportunities for building your personal strengths, creating a win-win situation for staff and SII Technologies. My motivation to further the branch and the company as a whole arises from the fact that I perceive the company structure and the business area as coherent, and the customer sees things the same way.


Career > Applying to SII Technologies
Application tips

Before preparing your application documentation, ask yourself the following questions:

_ What am I good at?
_ What do I want to do?
_ Which of my skills can I use in the position I am applying for?

The more honestly you answer these questions during the application process and the better you fit the requirements of the job posting, the more likely you are to be successful. It is important that you are truly convincing, and that the position and the company in question are the right ones. This self-analysis will also prove helpful during the interview. This is because the more realistic and reflective you are, the more authentic and convincing you will seem to the interviewer.

Your cover letter provides us a first impression of you. You should use it to emphasize your special abilities and experiences that are advantageous in the positions we wish to fill. A specific reference to our company and the position you are interested in is better than a general formulation. Of course, a few sentences will not allow you to convey all the important information about yourself. That is why it is important to make clear statements and remain authentic.

Don’t forget any of the following:

_ ID number of the job notice
_ Where you read our job notice (newspaper, on-line portal, etc.)
_ the salary you expect
_ your availability

A gapless CV informs us about your career progression. Pay attention to the completeness of all the formal information. The CV should have a tabular structure and time references should include at least month and year. In addition to the time intervals, you are encouraged to provide detailed information about your duties and activities. Your language or computer skills are also important information.

The appendix contains all credentials relevant to the position being applied for. But it is not necessary to provide individual class documentation or complete theses. The appendices should document information provided in the CV. If you are missing documentation, such as a diploma, a temporary overview of your marks is sufficient.

We recommend that you send us your application using our on-line portal or as an e-mail to . Please note that all documents uploaded or enclosed as e-mail attachments may not be larger than 2 MB and should be in commonly used formats (.pdf, .doc, .jpg).

You need enter your applicant profile into our on-line application portal only once. It will remain stored as long as you desire. Of course, you can update it at any time. The on-line application is your best opportunity to present your skills and qualifications and guarantees a constant comparison of your profile to our vacant positions.

You were unable to find anything in our current job postings or you want to apply for a working student position, an internship, or a final thesis?

Feel free to take the initiative and use our on-line application system ! Your account allows you to set up a job alarm that notifies you of new Sii Technologies positions in a targetedmanner.


All our job postings on are updated each day and only include open positions.

In addition to a cover letter, we would like to see a tabular CV, education and work certificates, and, if available, certificates documenting additional individual qualifications (stays abroad, references).

You can send your application using our on-line portal or send an e-mail directly to

Since we intensively study your application, we cannot provide a general answer to this question. You will receive a notification as soon as we have received your application. Further notifications will provide updates on its status. Consult the information on the application sequence to find out about these notifications.

Following an interview, your interviewer from the personnel department will be happy to give you feedback about the interview. If you are rejected directly without an interview, we will unfortunately be unable to give you detailed information.

You can, of course, re-apply at any time. However, if you have already had an interview at SII Technologies, we recommend that you first ask for feedback from your interviewer from the personnel department.

No. A phone call has no effect on the selection process. Specific questions can be answered, however, if they are decisive for your application. All other questions will be answered during the interview.

We will compare your application with all vacant positions, so multiple applications are unnecessary.

If you can’t find a suitable position, we would be happy to receive an unsolicited application through our on-line portal .

Judith Mayr can be reached at +49 821 29 990-391 and will be happy to answer your questions or, if necessary, pass them on to the person responsible. You can also send an e-mail to

Of course! Judith Mayr will be happy to answer your questions. She can be reached at +49 821 29 990-391. You can also submit your questions in an e-mail to . We would be happy to provide you with competent advice. If you are seeking personal contact, visit us at one of the recruiting exhibitions in which we participate. We always have representatives from the personnel department and from our technical departments with us.

We are primarily looking for specialists with technical qualifications in areas such as machine manufacture, electrical engineering, mechatronics, and computer science.

Our current positions for recent university graduates can be found on our home page under job postings.

The starting salary depends on the position and is oriented on common salaries within the industry.

All information and data that you provide SII Technologies will be handled in compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act. Personnel information, including all application information entrusted to us, will be used confidentially and solely for the purposes of application. You can find our privacy policy here.

How does the selection process work?

Career > What we offer
What we offer




Within transregional projects at the highest technical level, you receive intensive orientation from a team of experienced staff. In teams and project groups, you assume responsibility from the very beginning and thus grow into your duties. Our philosophy builds upon our own staff. Especially in filling management positions, we give our staff our fullest trust in their knowledge and skills. We would be happy to have you bring your know-how, ideas, and fascination with technology to our company.





We have been characterized by dynamism and growth since 1997. We have the dedication and will of our staff to continuously develop further to thank for this circumstance. That is why we will support you in your career planning: We will coordinate your professional development, within your current discipline or across disciplines, and the path that is best for reaching your professional goals in personal development interviews. The support and further development of our staff is of great value. That is why we will support you – whether you are just starting out or established in your profession – with a wide range of continuing education and training opportunities.




Children or career? A balance between professional dedication and private sphere is very important to us. This is because only staff that feel comfortable in their working life and can reconcile it with their private goals will remain motivated and productive over the long term. We therefore offer our staff a wide variety of options for harmonizing their professional goals with their personal interests.

What you can count on


performance-appropriate and independent of gender

Work times

flexible and with flextime schedules

30 days

leave, not counting special leave

Home office

and part-time positions in appropriate duty areas

Continuing education

a wide variety of fields and tailored to you personally

Social benefits

childcare allowance and company pension


JobBike, employee advantages & special discounts

Special payments

holiday and Christmas bonus and capital-creating benefits

Work environment

pleasant and collegial