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    We’ll support you on the path to digitalisation, whereby we know exactly what's important in the IT context: security and efficiency! We specialise in client-specific IT solutions, optimised to meet your specific technical and commercial requirements.

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Our Services

Whether you require real-time Application Services, cloud-based software, web development including mobile solutions, Application Management (ALM) and Service Desk, ETL, Data Warehousing, reporting services, Data Mining, assistance with developing an intelligent IT strategy or implementing an efficient project management system and much more besides – we’ll provide you with targeted support, tailored to your specific requirements, and will partner with you to implement what you really need.

Application Services
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Business Intelligence
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Digital Services > Services > Application Services
Application Services

1. Bespoke Solutions

  • Client-specific software development
  • Real-time and cloud-based solutions
  • Client-Server Architecture


2. Software Development

  • Application planning
  • Support in developing and formulating important requirements
  • Implementation
  • Software commissioning
  • Staff training
  • Software maintenance


3. Consulting

  • Corporate process structure design
  • Support in developing and formulating important requirements
  • The introduction of service-oriented architectures within organisations
  • System architecture and process auditing
  • Technical consultancy



_Visual Basic

Digital Services > Services> Web Services
Web Services

1. Web Development

  • Technology development based on client requirements
  • High standards
  • Contemporary and innovative solutions


2. Mobile Solutions

  • Technical expertise in the design and programming of mobile applications
  • Native and cross-platform development


3. Customer Experience Management

  • “Back-” and “ front-end”
  • Single component design
  • Rapid development of Internet portals for international marketing campaigns
  • External system integration
  • 24/7 maintenance
Digital Services > Services > ALM
ALM - Application Lifecycle Management

1. Application Management

  • Software testing
  • Automatic testing of web, desktop, mobile and web-service applications
  • Tests framework preparation and development
  • Performance testing
  • Manual testing of all application types
  • Training, consultancy and advice in relation to application testing
  • System maintenance
  • Application customisation
  • Centrally administered service
  • The optimisation of various processes
  • Software development process automation


 2. Service Desk

  • 1st-Line Support (external)
  • 2nd-Line Support (on-site / application support)
  • 3rd-Line Support
  • Implementation, optimisation and migration of ITSM applications
  • Implementation and management of the ITIL process


_SeeTest Automation
_Visual Studio
_Soap UI

Digital Services > Services > Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

1. Services

  • Data Warehouse, ETL and DQ process audits
  • Information requirements analysis and data governance
  • Data Warehouse and Data Lakes design and implementation
  • Data integration of ETL processes and data quality mechanisms with MS Dynamics AX and CRM
  • Report, dashboard, and analytical model creation – including “Self Service Business Intelligence” and Mobile Bi


2. Business processes and integration

  • Process analyses, modelling, optimisation and implementation
  • Integration service
  • Workflow


3. Reporting solutions

  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Sales
  • HR
  • Project Management
  • IT
  • SLA
  • Time tracking


4. Data Mining

  • Customer segmentation
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Product recommendations
  • Geo-marketing, sales planning
  • Product optimisation
  • Transport logistics including resource planning optimisation
  • Preventive maintenance


_SQL Server Integration Services
_Informatica PowerCente
_IBM DataStage

_eMS SQL Server

_SQL Server Reporting Services
_SAS Visual Analytics
_SAP BusinessObjects
_MS PowerBI

_SQL Server Analysis Services
_SAS Visual Statistics
_Environment R

Digital Services > Services > Consulting


  • IT Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Technology consultancy
  • Requirements management
Digital Services > Nearshore
Lack of skilled workers? Price pressure? Capacity bottlenecks?
Our solution: Nearshoring

Your company also has to struggle with the continuing shortage of skilled workers and you notice that your project times are getting shorter and shorter? One solution for you would be to outsource certain tasks. But what about quality? Are you afraid that it could suffer?

SII Technologies can help you! Start with us in the area of Nearshoring! How does it work?

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