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Guiding principles

SII Technologies is a diverse group of companies and thus accumulates expertise in a wide range of tasks it performs for clients from a broad spectrum of industries. Our guiding principles are essential for keeping a common focus in the face of all this diversification. They form the foundation of our activities and show the way we work, the goal of our development, and targets we are pursuing.

Developing Technology together with the Best


All over the world, our clients are among the best in their industries. We complement and support them in their efforts to turn in top performances every day. SII Technologies has set itself the goal of exceeding the expectations that arise from this activity.

Technological aspiration and versatility, business consciousness that does not neglect quality, and dynamism in all business processes are the standards by which our company and staff measure themselves.

Responsibility > Our values

Our values: FIDES

Our corporate values govern our daily work and the way we deal with colleagues, clients, and partners: Flexibility, integrity, dynamism, efficiency, and support – or FIDES. This Latin term means “trust”, which is the foundation of our values.

Our staff places its trust in our company – and we also know that trusting relationships with our clients, business partners, and suppliers are also essential. Trust is the basis of partner-like collaboration, so it is also the basis of our daily activity.

In this age of digitalisation, technical requirements are changing faster than ever. We are leaving well-trodden paths and developing according to market requirements. We enjoy tackling complex tasks and finding tailored solutions. Routine projects seldom make our schedule – but flexible hours and home office work do.

Flexibility requires dedication, but more importantly, it makes our operations sustainable.

We work on equal footing, both among colleagues and with our business partners, and what we say can be relied on. We want to be transparent in our dealings, for which integrity in action is a prerequisite. Our communication culture is open, honest, and just, and we are loyal to each other and to those we work with outside the company. We treat others respectfully, as we would partners – this is the foundation of long-term business relationships and thus of success.

Staying in motion, never treading water, always looking ahead – that is dynamism. Our aim is to continually develop and keep pace with the times. That is why we familiarise ourselves proactively with the latest trends and technologies so that we can react quickly to changing requirements. Our principle: act instead of react!

Efficiency: we want our actions to be effective and economical. We give our teams the greatest possible leeway in shaping their work environment. This allows every individual to do his or her best and create a solid foundation for daily work. We continuously review and optimise our business and work processes. We analyse our activities to ensure that they return the greatest possible utility for our clients. We act in accordance with our social responsibility, optimising resource consumption.

Support means that we take into account the interests and worries of those we come into contact with. We promote open, respectful communication, internally and externally, and focus our actions on people. No matter what issues are under discussion, it is much easier to reach a consensus with supportive people who are willing to accept constructive criticism.

The “support” value is important for employer and employee alike: We all spend lots of time at work, and it extremely valuable to be able to do this in a supportive environment. Colleagues and supervisors who exude optimism and behave supportively make interactions much more pleasant and generate more motivation and enjoyment of work.

We want to counterbalance the challenges of our times. Dog-eat-dog? Not for us.

Responsibility > Colleague interviews

FIDES@SII – colleague interviews

Abdella Mohamed Idris Mohamed
Data Analyst



Other videos are available only in German.

Responsibility > Quality and Sustainability
Striving for the best: Quality and sustainability

We strive for the best – and not just in services. An owner-managed, mid-sized company, we have high standards of quality and sustainability. We take our social responsibility seriously – externally as well as internally. And this is reflected concretely in our management systems.

We stand for forward looking quality management

OUR CONSTANTS? We place value on quality – and we have had that in writing since 2010. SII Technologies’ quality management (QM) has ISO 9001:2015 certification. It confirms the fulfilment of the following requirements:

  • Customer orientation
  • Management responsibility
  • Involvement of those concerned
  • Process-oriented approach
  • Constant improvement
  • Task-oriented decision-making
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

Our high quality standards and certified quality system allow us to proactively continue to develop the SII Technologies – and optimize all of our processes to the benefit of the customer. The foundation of our success is the constant monitoring of the market and new technologies, constantly updated strategic planning, our budget process, comprehensive knowledge management, and constant monitoring of our objective agreement.

Sustainability in personnel and development

OUR MOTIVATION? Passion and innovation. Together with our staff, we implement technology: individually, carefully considered, and sustainable. That is also how we conduct personnel planning and development: We support young talent with training for recognized professions, offer various continuing education measures (such as the management development programme, developed in cooperation with ZWW Augsburg especially for SII Technologies), and fill management positions from within. We behave responsibly by implementing comprehensive occupational safety measures at desktop workstations and on the production floor.

In addition, our sustainable behaviours bears fruit in the realization of efficient and economical solutions for clients. We also practice sustainability in our quality management system and in our jointly developed guideline. Our corporate philosophy is focused on the well-being of our staff, clients, and business partners in order to advance SII Technologies and ensure long-term success.

Social responsibility – internally and externally

OUR GOAL? A partner-like environment within the company, from collegial cooperation to valuing of dedication to forward-looking decision-making and joint success. In the interests of a comprehensive corporate social responsibility, we apply a wide variety of measures to motivate staff and strengthen cohesion. Specifically, we support compatibility of work and family by means of flexible working hours, child care allowances, and “comeback ME” programme, platform support, and the summer child programme.

We fulfil our social responsibility outside of the company as well. We support “Bunter Kreis” and other regional organizations with regular donations. We also support education by participation in the “Come With ME! (bayME)”, “Girls’ Day”, “Bewerbungs-Check” (Augsburg Junior Managers), and others.