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    SII Systems is your competent partner, reliably managing projects from development to implementation. We are a system partner – from beginning to end.

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Our range of services

Our clients come from a wide variety of areas and are among the best in their respective industries. The requirements for technical systems, modules, and plants vary widely and are complex.



We use project management as a tool for the sustainable development of products and systems.


Interdisciplinary development of systems and sub-systems


Interdisciplinary merging of systems and sub-systems into a single product


Creation and maintenance of construction files throughout the entire product life cycle


Maintenance, repair, in-service support, LSA (logistics support analysis)


Renewal of systems throughout the entire product life cycle

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Reference projects

The following is a sample of our references:

Systems > Reference projects > Clamping technology
Clamping technology

As specialists in the area of clamping technology, we solve your problems quickly, reliably, and without complications.
Mandrel, collet chuck, diaphragm chuck, or a customized clamping solution – take advantage of our experience in cutting (turning, grinding, etc.) and joining (friction welding, laser welding, etc.). And not only for new processes, but also existing ones which you wish to change or improve.

Would you like to find out about our extensive portfolio in the area of clamping technology? Please contact us:

Systems > Reference projects > Industry 4.0
Automation & control

Development and manufacture of networked assembly devices

– PLC control system
_ Linkage using wireless and network systems
_ Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
_ Human-machine interface (HMI)


_ development of data glasses
_ market analyses and further development for functional applications
_ VR and AR applications

Systems > Reference projects > Industrial automation
Food Dehydrator Plant

Systems engineering with prototype construction and serial production of assemblies.

Dehydrator plant includes complete product logistics. Plant capacity: 250 tons processed fruits (dried) or 2500 tons unprocessed fruits (undried)

_ From patent to plant concept
_ Design of all mechanical and electrical assemblies
_ Manufacture and assembly
_ Commissioning
_ Maintenance and inspections

Systems > Reference projects > Energy & Environmental technologies
Combined Heating And Cooling Power Plant (CHCP)

The CHP system developed for Ritter uses the two gas motors employed to generate electricity (2 × 530 kWel) to produce not only heating, but also cooling in the production process. To achieve this, a large part of the waste heat (up to 84 %) is converted to cold by means of an absorption refrigerator. A positive side effect is that the removal of a significant amount of groundwater, which was previously necessary for the cooling process, can now be dispensed with.

Conduct of projects as the general contractor:
_ Planning
_ Conception
_ Design
_ Assembly
_ Control sub-contractor
_ Responsible for permits,
_ applications, and assessments
_ Preparation of system documents
_ Risk assessments and CE compliance
_ Coordination of MRO activities

_ CHP: 2 MW electric
_ Absorption refrigerating system: 2.4 MW thermal

Systems > Reference projects > Training & simulation
Training & simulation: Live training

Hardware and software development and manufacture of wireless modules for trainer booths and for use in special vehicles

System integration of external camera systems with software development for the entire system

Training & simulation: Embedded training

Development and serial production of systems for modern education and special vehicles

_ Visual system computer including power supply
_ Virtual reality helmet
_ Optical systems
_ On-board communication system
_ Commissioning, In-Service-Support, Testing, Obsolescence Management

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Facts & figures





Flow box

protection class 5


Radio permit

from the Federal Network Agency


4 years

average project duration


DIN EN ISO 9001:2015